Vino Spumante Millesimato BRUT

ca_ongaresca_millesimatoStory of Vino Spumante Millesimato BRUT:

Italian sparkling white wine originated from North-East region of Italy.  Prosecco (named “Ribolla” in history before), was first found really written on book in early 16th century in Trieste. But with this name that really appeared in history was in 1593 when a British man described it as “the famous wine of Apennine Peninsula” during his travel to Veneto, then the making of this sparkling white wine became popular in the Republic of Venice (while their territory was the whole Northern-East part of Italy nowadays, included the famous city like Venice, Treviso & Trieste etc.).

Prosecco sparkling white wine that originated from Treviso, will be counted as most famous and traditional if they are coming from Congeliano & Valdobbiadene. The Prosecco which produced by these two Alps’ foothill villages can be upgraded to DOCG with the name “Prosecco Superiore”. The other one and the last is from Asolo-Colli Asolani.

Prosecco is also the name of the grape for making Prosecco, while it must exceed at least 85%. But because grape name can’t be registered as patent, therefore, in order to keep the traditional reputation, Italian Government changed name of grape from Prosecco to Glera. So Prosecco is now became the name of this specific wine, which officially turned into DOC & DOCG wine since year 2008 – 2009. (For more information, please read: Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG)

Sparkling wines are generally produced with grapes harvested in different years. That’s the wine producers will not mention the vintage in their labels. But if there was a great year of harvesting, wine makers want to highlight the exclusively a specific vintage, so they will mark it on the label. And it will keep in the bottle at least 30 months to increase the aroma and balance body. In Italy, this sparkling wine we called “Millesimato”.

This sparkling white wine is classified by regulation into 4 scales based on the containing of sugar, which we can also distinguish by the label on the bottle: Brut (contains sugar 0 – 12g/l), Extra Dry (contains sugar 12 – 17g/l), Dry (contains sugar 17-32g/l) & Demi-Seco (contains sugar 31 – 50g/l).

– Glera

Production Area:
– Marca Trevigiana

Vinification :
After harvesting the Glera, it will immediately put into the small autoclaves with low temperature.

Alcohol: 11.00%

Serving Temperature : 8-10°C

Tasting Note:
– Colour : Straw yellow, bright, brilliant.
– Perfume : Finely fruity, delicate bouquet, distinctive and very elegant.
– Palate : Clear, very soft, rightly balanced. Moderate bodied.
– Foaming: Abundant, evanescent, fine and continuous.

Accompaniments :
It is excellent as an aperitif. Especially suited to accompany fine desserts and cakes made with fruits. Great combination with the pastry from oven. Ideal first courses based on fish. (Please put it into refrigerator 4-5 hours before serving.)

Suggested Retail Price:
HKD 200/BT

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