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– Our Service –

In La Papessa, besides can live in old & traditional Toscana farmstead , can also join activities below, to make your trip more fantastic.

– Shopping –
The Chianti Classico DOCG is produced in Montecchio winery, just next to it is an old stone building with more than 300 years history.  Here you can buy our various kinds of wine, olive oil, Grappa white wine, honey, also there are many books about the introduction of Chianti & wines that one can buy here also.

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– Wine Tasting –
Next to the administrative hall is our wine tasting hall, table and chair were made by old wood. People here can feel free to taste few kinds of our wines that we are proud of , including Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva.  Besides, it can also take as a work of art topic hall to learn about Italian feral lives, that it fully hanges with paintings and sculptures from different Italian areas.

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– Visit to wine cellar, vineyard and garden –
Visitors will be leaded by our guide to go into the ancient Montecchio under-basement wine cellar. This is the great heritage that left by the ancient Torrigiani family, with more than 300 years history, we can learn from it the producing procedure of Chianti Classico and its relevant details. If the seasons & processing allowed, we will lead you have a closer contact with the vineyard to learn about viticulture, to use your tongue to try the grapes of Sangiovese and Merlot about its sweet and sour taste. At last, of course you shall not miss the chance to taste the fine wines that are brewed in the oak barrels one by one.

In front of the administrative hall, there also an olive oil workshop, if matching to the seasons & production steps, you can also take a look to the initial cool compressing step for making our DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Montecchio.

Furthermore, outside the wine cellar, there is big garden and wide-opened terrace which will be the best place to experience the field scenery of Chianti.

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– Visit of the Terracotta workshop –
Somewhere in the mountain of San Donato in Poggio of Montecchio, of which the red pottery workshop Antica Fornace di Montecchio is located.

Red pottery ‘Terracotta’ is the most famous pottery that produced in the big zone of Toscana in Italy. As almost every family is using the utensils made by red pottery (include big vase in the garden, red color roof tile, decoration material etc.), Everybody can enjoy looking at the production procedure of the red pottery utensils here.  If you like, can also buy some back home for display purpose.

– Swimming pool & Tennis court –
During the scotching hot summer, when the sun hangs up high in the sky,, what will do better than to stay inside La Papessa old farmstead, to enjoy the fun of swimming ?  Beside of playing in the water, we will also provide you with deck chairs and sun blocking umbrellas, to let you enjoy the fresh cool feeling on pool-side in Toscana. On taking care of your children, there is a specially designed children swimming pool of size 10×16 next to the main pool. In addition, close to the swimming pool there you can find tennis court for your use.

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