Veneroso Terre Di Pisa DOC

*** Organic control body authorised by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture ***
(EU Organismo di Controllo Autorizzato dal MiPAAF)

The wine story of Veneroso DOC Terre Di Pisa

Tenuta di Ghizzano winery is located in the eastern part of Pisa. Starting from year 1370, it has begun to make wine for centuries according to the traditional method that family handed down.  The “tradition” of Ghizzano is to comply with food safety and serve quality control, and according to the local words of grapes growing farmers, that means “careful to make things properly with heart”, of which is the article of faith that family all along persist, dare not risk!

This elegant wine “Terre Di Pisa DOC” was firstly produced in 1985, it is the most representative wine of the history of winery that different from others.  Unlike using general machine crushing process after grapes of Sangiovese or Cabernet Sauvignon are plucked by hands, will follow the traditional way of wine brewing process, fruits are being stamped by foot in the barrel to crush out juice, This is the wisdom left from predecessors, that can make the wine enriched with more tannin in average later on.

By 2003, family started to put more “nature’s element” into the production of wine, and carried out an organic tour for wine. Vineyard will be no more using in-organic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicide, but instead, decided to use with green manure and other seeds mixed with nitrogen substances (oats and clover) to nourish the soil.  BY this way, not only paying great respect to the nature that provide us all things, but also safeguard the farmers that work in the vineyards and the owner of Ghizzano vineyards as well.  This management principle has been inherited more than 10 generations, of which family still firmly held till today.

Wine carried with the name of “Terre Di Pisa” that symbol coming from legal wine region, at the same time, this wine pay one’s respect to Mr. Veneroso Venerosi, as he devoted his whole life & meticulous care in the vineyard, starting from era 70 of 2500  grape-plants/hectare to 1989, 4500 grape-plants/hectare, then year 2006, 5000 grape-plants/hectare to till today there are 66000 newly planted in 20 hectares vineyard, which provide most fine quality of raw material for winery.

– 70% Sangiovese + 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

– Altitude : 180m (Feilds are all facing South or South/West)。
– Soil : Medium Texture, Shelly Limestone
– Field : Located in Province of Pisa, Peccioli, name as Torricella, Santa Maddalena & Chiesina(All 180 m. s.l.m)
– Vine: Spurred cordon
– Vines per acre: 4500-6300 vines (1 Hectare = 2.47acre)
– Harvest: By hand and making selection on the wooden table
– Annual Production: 20,000 – 25,000 Bts of 750 ml

Vintage :
– Vinification : Using the traditional Tuscany way, putting into a big tray and press by feet
– Fermentation : With indigenous yeasts in open 3000 lt wooden vats
– Fermentation Temperature: 18-30 ‘C
– Maturing : 16 months (First in 225 litre oak barrels, then into 500 litre oak barrels)
– Organic certification: Suolo e salute (Organismo di Controllo e Certificazione Biologico)
– Cellaring: 10-15 Years
– Acidity: From 5,40 to 5,80 depending on the vintage

Alcohol: 13.50-14.00%

Serving Temperature : 18 ‘C

Tasting Note:
– Colour : Like the Black Cherry which just picked from the tree
– Perfume : Rich, Baked taste, Full of cocoa and toast aroma, Also black pepper, cloves and sweet spices, with the other fruit aroma, such as black cherry, fresh berries, raspberries and blueberries.
– Palate : Rich and thick, full oak flavor, berry-like freshness

All kinds of barbecue, Meat sauce, Carni in Umido (Traditional Italian stew meat), hunting wild animal meat.


94 points ‧ Robert Parker
90/100 ‧ Wine & Spirits – Aprile 2017
94/100 ‧ Vinous – Antonio Galloni
90/100 ‧ Falstaff 2017
90/100 Three Red Stars ‧ I Vini di Veronelli 2017
90/100 ‧ Guida essenziale ai vini d’Italia 2017 – Doctor Wine
16,5/20 ‧
Three Vitae ‧ Vitae La Guida Vini 2017 – AIS
Two Red Glasses ‧ Vini d’Italia 2017 – Gambero Rosso

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HKD 380/BT

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