Gran Riserva Vinegar (Agrodolce of Modena with Montecchio)

~ Condiments: Gran Riserva Vinegar (Condimenti: Aceto Gran Riserva) ~

Cooked grape must of our Sangiovese grapes, Fattoria Montecchio’s wine vinegar, wood honeydew.

Production and Bottled:
In Modena, Italy, where the city well-know for its traditional balsamic vinegar (Aceto Balsamico).

Condiment Agrodolce:
In Italian, “agro” means sour while “dolce” means sweet. It is a very traditional sweet and sour sauce in Italian cuisine. Due to continuously reducing honey, our farm’s wine vinegar and grapes (Selected grapes grown on Montecchio’s farm have been used to create this product.), creates this sticky, sweet and sour tasty Condiment.

Acidity: 4.5% (contains sulphites naturally)

Accompaniments  :
The dense consistency and the very balanced sweet and sour taste make it a perfect condiment for grilled meats, aged cheeses but is also excellent if tasted with salads, ice cream, fruits (like strawberries) and dark chocolate.

Suggested Retail Price:
HKD 380/ BT (100ml) – Limited supply/pre-order only

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