Vernaccia San Gimignano DOCG

VERNACCIA SAN GIMIGNANO DOCGThe Story of Vernaccia San Gimignano DOCG:

San Gimignano, a small town in the central of Toscana, it is a mountain city that maintains 14 ancient high towers, it is called to be ‘Medieval Manhattan’, which is now popular as scenic spot in Italy.  For 700 years, other than stone building that preserved, one kind of white grape from San Gimignano has retained till now also, that is the Vernaccia.

Vernaccia San Gimignano DOCG white wine is brewed mainly with Vernaccia grapes, it needs at least 90%.  It was first found written on the literature of San Gimignano in year 1276, but for more people know about it was it recorded in the book of ‘Divina Commedia’, an European classical literacy masterpiece, written by Dante Alignieri in years 1307-1321.  It described Pope Martino IV liked to soak eel into Vernaccia San Gimignano wine and enjoyed tasting them together.  From that we can see Verrnaccia San Gimignano has more than 700 years history, even the Pope of that time also fascinated in tasting this age-old good wine.

However, because the planting of Vernaccia grapes is very difficult, after the World War II, it was once recognized as Italian top white wine since the Renaissance period, was gradually eliminated by the commercial interests during the global integration, mainly because farmers grow with fruits other than Vernaccia will be more easy & have much bigger productivity.  Luckily there were some enthusiastic farmers, with their insistence and patience of holding their honor to history and tradition, that made Vernaccia San Gimingnano bounce back since 1960 of last century, and became the trend indicator of Italian white wine again.

In fact, Vernaccia San Gimignano was the very first Italian white wine that obtained the DOC after this wine quality monitoring system set up in 1966.  It was later upgraded to DOCG, which is the highest level of national certification on quality, that shows its quality and historic position to Italy.

For Vino Conte bring us this wonderful wine of more than 700 years of history, as would like to share with all the taste of this impressive Italian medieval legacy wine together!!

– Vernaccia

– Terrain: Hilly Terrain in San Gimignano
– Soil: Medium-texture , Mix of clay

Vinification :
Around 8000KG grapes of Vernaccia will be harvested in 1 Hectare. After remove of the grape skins and twigs, only 66-68% weight remains for making wine. Vinification processing is under temperature 16-18°C, the wine will store in bottle at least 9 months.

Alcohol: 12.00%

Serving Temperature: 8-14°C

Tasting Note :
– Colour : Straw Yellow
– Perfume : Persistent, Typically Fruity
– Palate : Harmonious, Dry, Persistent

Accompaniments :
It is great for all kind of Italian antipasti, prefect matching for the dishes of fish and shellfish. It is a good appetizer in the hot summer time.

Suggested Retail Price: HKD 200/BT


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