Chianti Classico DOCG

03-chianti-classico-cellarThe Story of Chianti Classico DOCG:

The Chianti Classical Winery Area was formed under the historic background of wine producing area in Chianti (Please refers to introduction of Chianti DOCG).  For “Classico” means the very traditional and historical old zone since medieval times of 11 – 12th centuries.

In year 1716, Chianti (Chianti Classico winery area of today)which was established by a grand duke (Granducato Di Toscana) Cosimo III De’Medice.  As learned, this grand duke once travelled around many European countries, although his official achievements never outstanding (even some people described during his 53 years career, had made Firenze fell from a strong Renaissance country to an insignificant place), but nevertheless, he really had contribution to the Italian wine (esp. Chianti Classico – the first established as a protected region of making wine in the world).  Italian people make joke that say his only achievement was established official winery area of Chianti, just to match the most famous fine food: Bistecca Alla Fiorentinal (big T-bone steak of Florence).  Although is a joke, but in fact Italian wine is produced just for good food, it seems quite matching to nature of Italians actually.

For real modern Chianti Classico was established by Bettino Ricasoli, politician of Florence, in 19 century.  He set up the foundation of using Sangivoese grapes to make for the Chianti red wine (Chianti Classico of today), which was over 150 years of history since then.

Grapes :
– 90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot

Environment :
– Altitude : 350-400m
– Soil :  Medium-texture, Predominantly Calcareous, Alberese and Galetro rocks.
– Vine training  : Spurred cordon

Vintage  :
– Maturing  : 12 months in 25 hl wooden vats
– Ageing in the bottle :  Approx. 3 months
– Cellaring  :  6-8 years

label-chianticlassicoAlcohol: 13.00%

Serving Temperature : 18°C

Tasting Note :
– Colour : Deep Ruby Red
– Perfume : Fruity, with persistent scents of violet
– Palate : Good structure and balance. Smooth and harmonious tannies

Accompaniments  :
Ideal with red meat, roasts and ripe cheeses. Recommended as an accompaniment to Tuscan cold cuts, pork and the classic Florentine T-bone steak.

Decanter World Wine Awards:
– SILVER for the Year 2008 (Results 2013).
– COMMENDED for the Year 2011 (Results 2015).
– SILVER for the Year 2013 (Results 2016). Rated: 91/100 points.
– BRONZE for the Year 2016 (Results 2018). Rated: 87/100 points.
– SILVER for the Year 2018 (Results 2020). Rated: 90/100 points.
– BRONZE  for the Year 2019 (Results 2021). Rated: 89/100 points.

Mundus Vini Der Grosse Internationale Weinpreis 2013
– GOLD for the Year 2009

Rating by Winespot Hong Kong 2013 Nov:
– Colour: 4/5
– Aroma: 3/5
– Finish: 5/5
– Balance: 4/5
– Complexity: 3/5
Overall Rating: 86/100



Suggested Retail Price:
HKD 260/BT

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