– Affiliates –

Other than the wine business, Vino Conte is affiliated with TUNENIC LEATHER GROUP,
which is the leather company was founded in 1985 by Mr. Joe Law, currently our general manager, starting his leather career since late 1970s. Located in Hong Kong have more than 40 years experience in leather business field. Tunenic works with one of the biggest leather tannery Group in Italy: The NUTI IVO GROUP since 1995.

The Tunenic Leather Group members include:
Tunenic Leather Ltd.
China Fine International Trading Ltd.
Good Joy Enterprise  Ltd.
Pelletteria S&G

GLOs x Futuro IN. x Sharpe Law Italy Tour (Winery tour)
GLOs is formed by Dr.Simon Shen (Scholar of global relations) and we created FUTURO IN. together. “Futuro” is how we say “future” in Italian. Partnering with “Adesso e Futuro” (formed in 2008 by Tunenic’s second generation Sharpe Law), FUTURO IN. specially designs unique tours to Italy that walk you through the culture, history, and society of Italy, and together we walk into possibilities of Italy’s future.

For any inquires, please kindly contact by email:
Or please visit Tunenic Leather’s web site: