Our New Toscana White Wine: Zefiro IGT


Vino Conte is happy to inform all friends and customers: We will have a NEW Italian White Wine: ZEFIRO IGT!!


This is the first time of ZEFIRO white wine arrives to HONG KONG. It has strong favour of fruit. It is dry and the taste will last in your mouth. Vino Conte suggests you to serve it with seafood, especially you are in the “Seafood Paradise” — HONG KONG!! like Grilled or steam fish,  Typhoon shelter crab (避風塘炒蟹), Salt & pepper Mantis Shrimp (椒鹽瀨尿蝦), Baked Lobster with Cheese (芝士焗龍蝦) etc.

The new White Wines will arrive to Vino Conte’s shops soon!! Pre-order start now!! (by email: info@vinoconte.com or call us: 2466-0311)

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