About Italian Wines


The main kind of local grapes that plant in Italy:
Red: Barbera, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese
White: Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Trebbiano

Furthermore, there are also non-official grapes (means the grapes are not requested to use by the government, mainly oversea species) such as Chardonnay (white), Cabernet Sauvignon (red) & Merlot (red), which are common to mix for making Italian wines. Of course, for different types of grapes obviously there will be different tastes and characteristics, but even though for the same specie, because of different climate & soils, will grow out individually with different specific flavors. Add up with different technology, methods and ideas of every wine makers & wineries, these make the Italian wines carry with vary widely style & taste that undergoes with evolution.

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