The Rooms of La Papessa


– The Rooms of La Papessa –

Inside old building of La Papessa that built of stone-laying and wood-beams,
in order to meet the requirements of different combinations,
there was divided into 11 rooms with different characters & designs:

– All equipped with open kitchen, providing with all necessary utensils (including pots, cups, dishes, knives, spoons etc) although we don’t provide with food, yet everyone is welcome to buy ingredients on his own back for cooking.
– Separate toilet and bathroom (all configured shower tub)
– Furniture (including sofas, dining tables, chairs, mirrors, etc)
– Safety deposit box
– Satellite TV
– Telephone
– Free Wifi service
– Air conditioning
– Security alarm
– Free parking

agriturismo3 – Rooms suitable for 2 persons –

– Melograno/ Ibisco/ Gardenia
Small living place on ground own a private wide-opened terrace and a individual doorway,  The bed room having two sleeping beds will be very suitable for those couples still on ‘brewing stage’ to come here & take a wonderful and joyful holiday. Of course, if you are coming along with your confidants, these rooms are also very suitable.

6 104

– Camella
Camella has a double room which will be most suitable for those loving couples and newlyweds that visit Italy for touring or honeymoon.  Apart from the open kitchen and living room, this room also configured with a fireplace, perhaps will make you have the illusion you are staying in your new small home in Italy.  The entrance is mutually used by two rooms (Verbena & Oleandro)

114 113

– Room suitable for 4 persons to stay in –
Iride/ Azalea
Have 2 rooms (1 with double bed, 1 with 2 single beds, suitable for 3-4 confidants or family to stay in, also with separate living room and big kitchen, having with individual doorway.

100 102

– Rododendro
Is a two-storey individual building, can let 4 persons to stay in. On the ground floor is a living room & kitchen, also havie a separate small garden & doorway, and on the floor above have 2 rooms (1 with a double bed, 1 with 2 single beds) and toilet configured with shower tub

107 108

– Oleandro
Situated on the ground floor there is 4-persons living place, it uses the same entrance with two other rooms (Verbena & Camelia).  It Has 2 rooms (1 with double bed equipped with tent, 1 room with 2 single beds) which is small living place specially designated for 4-members family.

116 117

– Verbena
It is a room that owns a 2-storey small tower, which is most suitable for loving or married couple to stay in, there is big kitchen on the ground floor, one double bed room and toilet equipped with shower tub. 110 111

– Room suitable for 6 persons to stay in –
Robina & Mirtus
This room of building with 2-storey height, it is suitable to rent out for 6 persons to stay in.   On the ground floor has individual doorway, separate small garden, one big kitchen, two double rooms & with individual toilet (configured with shower tub) On the first floor one room with 2 single beds, at the same time own with individual toilet (configured with shower tub), more important is that there equipped a big & beautiful fireplace in the hall, will be a good place for close friends & family members gather around and chat there.

120 119

*** Rental terms:

In Summer season (June – September):
We only accept minimum  4 days or a week rental

In low season (May & October):
We accept minimum 3 days stay

***Our prices EXCLUDING breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We have kitchen and dinnerware, which welcome you buy foods and cook by yourself.

*** We have BBQ/ barbecue function, but we DO NOT provide any foods & drinks.

*** Kindly be reminded that “Agriturismo” is not a hotel room in the city. It is a farmhouse.
Mosquitoes & insects are easily be found in the rural area, while internet signal is weak. 

For details, prices & information, please email to contact us at :